It’s All Happening

My baby started Kindergarten this week. Now,
I’ve got two kids in school full-time and at the same place, what a relief!

Not to mention all the amazing things that are starting to happen.  Right before I left for Burning Man, I got a call from producers at CNBC that they wanted me to appear on the show “On the Money” with Carmen Wong Ulrich.
I was so excited. The only problem was that I was going to be in Burning Man, so I had to turn it down. They said they were willing to wait for me.
I appeared last week and they’ve already asked me back for another show and invited me to NYC for a development meeting.  I don’t know exactly what that means, but whatever it means, I’m psyched!

Plus, I’m pitching a reality show and can’t believe how fast everything is moving with that.  It’s Hollywood though, so it may be another few years before anything really happens.

But, it’s all happenning!

With Love,

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