Over-Stuffed, But I’m Not Complaining

Ohhhhh, yes. I definitely ate too much.

We did Thanksgiving the right way this year at my house. Well, not really my house. Actually, the condo in Miami Beach I rented with my sister and her boyfriend, Aaron.

Aaron and Courtney at Thanksgiving

Yep, boyfriend. There they are right there.

He’s the first guy she has willingly introduced to the family, so you know it’s serious. And, family he got . . . we’re in Miami with my mom, stepmom, grandma, and my stepmom’s parents and sister.


That’s a whole lot of women! He held his own very well.

And, for all you girls who have secretly started to believe you should just settle for the next okay guy because that’s all that’s out there – Aaron is proof that it’s worth it to hold out! Don’t settle for someone you know isn’t Mr. Right; someone you are secretly hoping will grow up or change in some way.

Instead, focus your energy on becoming a secure and confident woman. And, like Courtney, you can find your secure and confident man. We attract what we are.

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving.

We did it the easy way this year; my mom ordered in and we re-heated. It was perfect! Everything was so tasty and my Nan didn’t have to slave away in the kitchen all day.

And, I got a few minutes to browse a few of my favorite blogs. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this whole gratitude thing all day.

I know it’s the key to happiness. The more grateful and appreciative I am, the better I feel. And, yet, I struggle with it immensely.

The little version of me is convinced that if I express too much gratitude for something or someone, it will be taken away. Of course, just the opposite is true. But, try telling that to the undisciplined 13-year old that lives in my head. She’s impatient, bitter and ungracious.

So, I was totally stoked to come across Tim Ferris’ blog post about the 21-Day no-complaint solution. It’s just what I need to train “little Alexis”into a state of gratitude, or at the very least become aware when she’s taken over my thoughts.

When I spoke at the Aon women’s networking meeting a few weeks ago, Denise Berger, Managing Director and WIN Global Chair, gave me a beautiful energy muse bracelet I’ve been wearing ever since. I’m going to use this bracelet as my no-complaint bracelet. It’s perfect. Thanks Denise!

Anybody want to join me in the 21-Day No-Complaint Solution? If so, let me know by leaving a comment.

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30 Responses to “Over-Stuffed, But I’m Not Complaining”

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