What have you learned from your family?

I hope you are enjoying the holidays this year. I am more than I ever have before. This year I’m not getting caught up in family drama.

Instead, I’m watching it and learning from it. And, today I’m sharing some of what I’ve learned with you.

My family is still in town and today I’m with my sister and my grandmother, who we call nan.

Growing up, nan was my savior. She saved me from my parents constantly.

I ran to her whenever I felt misunderstood and because I was one of those “troubled” teenagers, Nan and I were (and still are) close.

Lately, my mom and my nan have been getting into fights.

Nan is now 80 something, has a broken arm and is scared of dying. Asking for help reads all her old scripts from growing up as the second oldest of four kids with no father during the depression.

Don’t ask for help. Be strong. Don’t be a burden. Make your own way.

My mom doesn’t voluntarily offer help because she’s in abject fear of losing the freedom she has now that her children are grown and no longer need her.

Their corresponding fears lock them into a consistent battle of unhappiness and blame.

While observing the game my mom and Nan unconsciously play with each other, I learned some life-changing lessons that will no doubt improve my future.

Wanna find out what they are?

Go on over to my blog and read all about them. http://www.familywealthblog.com.

And, while you’re there, scroll down to the post from December 21, 2006 title “Revealed – Secret Formula for Success” where you’ll read what I re-discovered last week when talking with a friend of mine who is about to hit it big in the entertainment industry!

I hope what I’ve learned carries you through the rest of the holidays with peace and love.

Dedicated to Your Family’s Well-Being,

~ Alexis

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